Bud’s Winter Meet, 2019


Saturday, March 2,

8 a.m. until ..... ?

601 Ridge Rd

Bowdoinham, Maine

Storm date

Sunday, March 3

Yes, Bud is hosting his winter meet again, and this will be the Seventh Annual Business Meeting of the Pine Tree Boating Club Chapter of AOMCI. 

If you’ve been there before, you know that it’s a great gathering of eager antique outboard enthusiasts, and always well attended.  Friends come from all over New England, no matter what the weather.  Come see Bud’s expansive collection and pick through his overflow piles.  Bring some items to swap, sell, or give away.  Reconnect with friends, report on winter projects, and get some inspiration for spring.

Before lunch we’ll hold our auction.  Howard Whitten will be wielding the gavel again this year.  Bidding will be brisk and the tension will be high as old iron (and aluminum, and fiberglass, and brass, and paper) finds a new home.

After lunch, we’ll hold our chapter business meeting.  We’ll review the happenings of the last year, and chart our course for the coming year.  We need to elect our President for the next two year term.  Annual dues will be accepted at this meeting.  Ideas, suggestions, or concerns, regarding chapter structure or procedures can be put on the meeting agenda for discussion.  We have a vibrant discussion each year!

                                                                        Have a friend who may be interested in the club?             

                                                                                                    Bring ‘em along!

                                                                        Photos of past gatherings?  Curious items you’ve      

                                                                        discovered and want to share?  Recent projects you’ve    

                                                                         finished, or are gathering the courage to begin?

                                                                                                        Bring ‘em!

                                                                         In past years, members have brought instruments for

                                                                         some sharing of live music and song.  Anything can

                                                                         happen at Bud’s place! 

                                                                         Questions?  Call Bud Bowley at 207- 721-2725, or    

                                                                 email at buzzsawroyal@gmail.com